The new Aliencraft HARKER hearing aids are professional hearing aids known as IEMS. The Aliencraft HARKER sound array is made up of a hybrid system with two drivers (speakers) per side for a SPECTACULAR sound; through which you will discover details and sounds that you did not know were present in your music.

Its detachable cable is made of monocrystalline copper with a 60-wire braid and covered in silver for interference-free transmission and extraordinary high sensitivity (more than 118dB).

It is also important to note that inside the box of the Aliencraft HARKER a powerful low latency Bluetooth 5.2 module is included at no additional cost. In such a way that you can enjoy your Aliencraft HARKER both via cable (for superior high-resolution sound quality) or wirelessly through its included Bluetooth 5.2 module.

The Aliencraft HARKER hybrid system consists of two 8mm dynamic drivers with Titanium cones that produce a deep, powerful and attacking bass and two Single-Block Balanced Armature drivers for precise mids and highs. 

Both in its cable and in its Bluetooth module you will find a microphone/control with which you can control the playback order of your music, the volume (IOS) and answer/hang up hands-free calls. 


Frequency: 10-40,000 Hz Hi-Res certified / Impedance: 22 Ohms

Cable: Detachable 2-pin 0.78 monocrystalline copper with 3.5mm plug

Low latency Bluetooth 5.2 module included

Integrated microphone/control* on both the cable and the Bluetooth module for high-quality hands-free calls

*Harker 3-button remote/microphone (cable-mounted) compatibility varies on Android devices depending on the model and brand to which they are connected. In the case of IOS devices the microphone/control (of the cable) is 100% compatible. In the case of the microphone/control of the Bluetooth Module, this is 100% compatible in both operating systems.

Hybrid System:

2 x 8mm diameter Titanium/Neodymium drivers for powerful bass

2 Knowles Balanced Armature drivers for precise mids and highs

Power/sensitivity: 118 dB (due to the very high sensitivity of these headphones it is recommended not to turn the volume up to 100%**)

**Listening at full volume can permanently damage your hearing as well as damage the HARKER's diaphragms


At aliencraft we offer you three guarantees at no cost to protect the maximum investment you have made in your new headphones.