Created with alien technology, the new Aliencraft XOUNDER portable Bluetooth speaker produces loud sound, with extraordinary clarity in the reproduction of vowels and a solid and precise bass.

With a full-range Woofer in the front and a passive Sub-Woofer in the rear, the sound from the Aliencraft XOUNDER speaker disperses 360 degrees around you, filling medium to large rooms with ease. 

Inside the XOUNDER there is a powerful Bluetooth 5 chip which works in combination with a rechargeable battery which gives it a range of up to 8 hours of playback. It is compatible with voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant, so it is enough to press the "Play" button for two seconds to ask Siri to play your favorite music, set an alarm, or send a message to your favorite contacts. 

The Aliencraft XOUNDER speaker is a multifunction speaker, so apart from its Bluetooth connectivity you can also use it to play audio files from a MicroSD card, tune in to your favorite FM Radio stations or listen to your music with the highest quality by connecting it through your 3.5mm aux cable

The XOUNDER is IPX5 certified, which makes it waterproof so you can use it in a wide variety of environments and most surprising of all is that you can connect two XOUNDER speakers to form a True Wireless system that will give you a greater range  of coverage, greater power and a stereo surround sound effect.

The design of the Aliencraft XOUNDER speaker allows you to modify its sound according to where you place it. For example:

1. Afternoon of board games or a meeting with friends? Place the XOUNDER Bluetooth on the floor just under the table. This way your sound will spread around the room creating a surround effect. 

2. Lower? Place the XOUNDER in a corner or in the hollow of a piece of furniture such as a bookcase or chest of drawers.

3. More definition? Place the XOUNDER in a high place such as a shelf or on top of a tall piece of furniture. 


Aliencraft XOUNDER Multifunction Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Frequency: 20 to 20,000 Hz with output power: 5 watts RMS

Array: Full Range Active Woofer + Radiator Type Passive Sub-Woofer

Play mp3 files via MicroSD card and tune to FM stations

Connectivity: Via Bluetooth 5 and through its 3.5mm auxiliary cable

Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant (press "Play" for 2 sec)

TANDEM PAIRINIG to connect 2 speakers and create a TWS Stereo system

Battery life: up to 8 hours (at medium volume)*

Speaker size: 10cm high x 10cm wide x 4.5cm deep

Includes instructions, auxiliary cable, charging cable and wrist strap


At aliencraft we offer you three guarantees at no cost to protect the maximum investment you have made in your new headphones.